Mar 2014

Laptop Free!

Beginning on March 31, 2014, August First will be a laptop/tablet free environment.

While we completely understand how nice it can be to sit in our sunny bakery and spend time on a digital device, as business owners we have seen many, many customers leave because they couldn’t find seats.   And in general, many people who have come in with laptops have stayed for hours on end.   This doesn’t make for a sustainable business model.

We implemented a “screen free” period between 11am-2pm a few months ago, and the response was overwhelmingly positive!  We were amazed at how many people thanked us.   So, based on that feedback, we decided that the time was ripe to listen to the majority of our customers, and make the bakery a screen-free environment.   Are we going to harangue someone who is using their smartphone to access email, the internet, etc.?   Of course not!  We just want to make sure that August First has seats available for all of the people who want to come to eat, drink, relax and engage.



  • David Lovelace

    17 03 2014

    Thank you. Your decision is no less than heroic. When you build a beautiful community space it’s so dismaying to watch it devolve into a cyber office, watch couples sit close together and so far apart, lost among Facebook phantoms. Pop culture has made us all, each one of us pop stars and it’s none too pretty. As a bookstore and bar owner I realize your decision was based on table space, sales and customer flow, but it’s brave nonetheless, and the Luddite in me hopes its a sign of things to come – a backlash against iCulture and a return to the present, the moment.

    Best of luck,
    David via his laptop at his bar

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