We’re pleased to announce that we’re the recipient of a $750,000 Housing and Urban Development grant to build a community of tiny houses for our employees on top of the bakery.

These houses will not only provide market-rate housing for our staff, but will most importantly allow our bakery to be open 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK!


Our bread bike rider will live in front of the bakery in his newly equipped camper-bike.  Baguettes will be available 24/7!  Special thanks to the Burlington Department of Bicycle Love for their generous donation of $240,000 for the modifications to our bike trailer. 


Our new pneumatic tube system will allow you to order a coffee, latte, or pastry any time of the day and have it delivered to you in a jiffy! 


Just place your order at our convenient kiosk, pay, and one of our staff members will get out of bed and make you your favorite drink!



Construction begins today, April 1st.  We look forward to an exciting new future as your go-to 24 hour a day latte and pastry shop!

  • Karen

    01 04 2014

    Happy April Fool’s

  • Karen

    01 04 2014

    totally fell for it! Good one!
    why don’t you actually do something like this then? …. (smile)

  • Andrea Craft

    01 04 2014

    I must say, you really got me. I’m gullible. :)

  • Oddmonster

    01 04 2014

    But I would give y’all MONEY for the pneumatic tube system. I don’t understand why it’s not already a thing. *weeps*

  • tim

    02 04 2014

    Oh great! Will the grants include a T2 line so I can come and set up an office there, too?

  • Steve

    02 04 2014

    This is one of the most innovative ideas I think I’ve ever seen. Incorporating a progressive business with housing for it’s employees together. Incredible idea, would like to see this implemented in all sector of the economy. It could be a real shot in the arm, bringing a new infusion of ideas which are sorely lacking in the U.S., I’ve been living outside the states for several years now and see just how far behind the states are in this area. It would create jobs, reduce consumption, be healthier for the environment. Good job.

  • Elaine Walker

    02 04 2014

    Adorable- thanks for the laughs!

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