Clinks, chops and beeps resonate over the Dolly Parton playlist and drift into the dining room. August First’s cafe may be temporarily closed, but the kitchen is operating for a special reason. Jodi and Phil are cooking to fulfill meal needs across three community based organizations.

On the menu? Bread, yogurt, apples, and stew! A lot of stew. Enough stew to serve 200 meals, in fact. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into to a stew so big, today is your lucky day. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot of onions.

We’re sharing the recipe below, just in case you have, or find, 200 people to feed.

We’re going to need a bigger pot.

That's-A-Lot-of-Stew Stew

Servings 200 people


  • 27.6 quarts onions
  • 46 carrots
  • 4.6 cups oil
  • 13.8 cans beans
  • 4.6 cans tomato
  • 27.6 quarts other vegetables