Here’s a list of ways to make many of our menu items vegan.

Just ask, and we’ll be happy to accommodate!


Chai with almond or soy milk (we make our chai tea from scratch)

Any coffee drink (latte, etc.) with soy or almond


Avocado toast – ask for a 7 grain roll, no feta

Tofu scramble bowl – ask for plain tofu and no romano

Smoothie bowl – sub almond or soy milk


Fresh Fruit


If it is vegetarian and not creamy, it’s usually vegan


Country French



Sunflower Sourdough


Salads:  You can add chickpeas or plain baked tofu to any salad

Mediterranean: ask for no cheese

Kale Salad – ask for no cheese

Tofu — ask for plain tofu, not honey curry.

Chickpea and Herb bowl -ask for no honey or feta

Sesame Chicken Bowl – ask for no chicken

Avocado Sandwich – ask for no cheese

Mozzarella Tomato Basil Sandwich – sub plain tofu for mozzarella

Ham & Brie — ask for no ham or brie — it will be spinach and raspberry jam on country french with a small side salad.  It’s delicious!