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How To Make Better Stuffing

There are approximately two bajillion stuffing recipes on Google. So, how do you know which recipe you can rely on for a Thanksgiving gathering? We’ve found that stuffing is not so much about picking the perfect recipe, but picking the right bread. This simple switch guarantees a dish so gorgeous and aromatic that it will be your turkey’s greatest rival for the table’s coveted centerpiece spot.

At August First, not only is bread our specialty, but so is cooking for a crowd. We have a few tips on how to perfect this dish that will hopefully give you the confidence to cook for your crowd.

Flavor Tips

Most recipes call for sourdough, but our head baker turned General Manager, Elizabeth, thinks that might be polarizing. “The sourdough really comes through,” she tells me. While some guests may love the tang, it could be an inhospitable bite for others. The solution? An enriched dough. A bread that already has milk and eggs in the dough will deliver a flavor boost to each bite. “That’s why cornbread is so popular,” Elizabeth explains. “It’s got its own thing going on.” Another popular enriched dough that will steal turkey’s thunder? Brioche! It’s not just for burger buns! Rip up our Brioche Buns for your Thanksgiving stuffing.

Hot Tips

“You want a bread that dries out easily,” Elizabeth notes. Our Pullman Loaf, which also happens to be an enriched dough, does the trick. In this case, Elizabeth suggests popping your Pullman pieces in the oven to dry it out. This isn’t a leave-it-out-on-the-counter to dry situation. An oven-dry is not only quicker, it provides a crunchier texture. Leaving bread out to dry causes the starch to crystalize and may lead to a tougher bite at the end of your fork. Oven-drying allows the bread moisture to evaporate while toasting it for that crispy, crunchy crust everyone loves.

While you can neatly cube each slice into symmetrical pieces, there’s no need to spend the extra time on precision. There’s still mashed potatoes and greens and pumpkin pies to make! Simply tear up the bread.

Pro Tips

Everybody has their own way of enjoying stuffing; as a side, forking it straight from the casserole dish while sitting on the kitchen counter (just me?), stuffed inside turkey or re-heated the next day for leftover sandwiches. If you’re going to go the route of Pullman Loaf Stuffing, Elizabeth recommends calling us at August First to request an unsliced loaf. This way you can cut thick slabs to construct the perfect leftover sandwiches. We’re taking orders for Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls, bags of Pumpkin Donuts, and mini Vermont Maple Biscuits!

The Recipe We Love

Bon Appetit’s Classic Herb and Fennel Stuffing

This recipe works harmoniously with our Pullman Loaf. Make it the most Vermont stuffing ever by using local fennel, celery and herbs!

Visit Us!

We’re getting the leftover sandwich party started early over here at August First. Our Turkey Gobbler is our sandwich special for the next two weeks! It features turkey, cranberry sauce, mayo, mesclun and Pullman Loaf Stuffing! Visit us to get an early taste of Thanksgiving and, if you like what you taste, take home a Pullman loaf to recreate this side magic for your family and friends. We’ll be closed Thanksgiving Day through Sunday, December 1st. Reserve your bread now!

How to make better stuffing for Thanksgiving