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Breaducation: Milk Bread

Milk Bread is not your average loaf of white bread. While some commercially-packaged, Wonder Bread-style bread contains an ingredient list the length of a Russian novel, Milk Bread concentrates on core ingredients that you can trust. All it takes is flour, sugar, butter, milk, salt, and yeast to create a nearly crustless, subtly sweet loaf.

Its signature soft bite has made it a popular bread for sandwiches globally. Originating in Japan, it has now found its way to Vermont. Milk Bread is on our shelves! We make it fresh, multiple times a week, right next door to our cafe. And we think there are plenty of delicious reasons (and recipes) to make it a pantry staple at home. Mostly because … sandwiches.

Milk Bread

Sandwiches are close to our heart at August First. Our lunch menu features ones that are built to not only compliment our baguettes, Country French and 7 Grain loaves, but to leave you feeling good. We approach our Milk Bread in the same way. What will leave you feeling nourished? Thankfully the fluffy, pillowy texture makes Milk Bread the perfect sandwich bookend. And, there are a ton of ingredients that can be smeared across it or built upon it to create the best bite.


First things first when it comes to sandwiches. The shape. Any bread can be a sandwich bread if it wants to be, but, sometimes the size of the slice doesn’t match up. This, of course, leads to that last bite that’s proportionally uneven. You know, when there’s more L than B and a whole T left on a BLT, and somehow the sandwich has turned into a tartine. This is not the case with this loaf!

Because Milk Bread is a pan loaf, we can count on consistent square slices. Each slice is the perfect puzzle piece for the next slice. They all fit each other, and this makes for the ideal sandwich. Smear a classic peanut butter and jelly together or melt a grilled cheese together and create perfectly rectangular tomato soup dippers.

Los Angeles restaurant Konbi has the Instagram famous, and highly acclaimed, Egg Salad and Pork Katsu “sando”. Both are built upon Milk Bread. While August First was not able to travel west for research, we were able to create these Milk Bread classic sandwiches in our north east kitchens. And each plush bite did not disappoint.

You can find the NYTimes Konbi Egg Salad and Bon Appetit Konbi Pork Katsu recipes online.

What else can I do with Milk Bread?

As much as we love biting into a Milk Bread stuffed with egg salad, it is more than just a canvas for a sandwich. It can be enjoyed with a smear of jam and fruit. It can be dried out and made into stuffing, or croutons, or bread pudding. Transform it into an electric piece of Australia’s famous Fairy Bread. Or, simply, as is. But, be warned, if you’re not careful, you might go through the entire bag without giving any sandwich, or toast, a try on it.

Where to Find Us

Find August First Milk Bread at our cafe located at 149 S. Champlain St., Burlington, VT! We also stock at both City Market locations.

Tag us on Instagram (@augustfirstvt) to show us what you create! Because we love seeing how you use August First bread at home. And if you’re interested in learning more about the global obsession with Milk Bread, here’s a great article on Bon Appetit!

Oh, the sandwiches you’ll make.

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